Residential Settlements

For many people, buying or obtaining their own property is one of their major goals in life. It’s definitely a big thing and an important transaction in the lives of many, and something of that scale can easily go wrong if a small detail is overlooked. That’s why Perth Settlement Agents is determined to bring a smooth settlement process to residential property clients, ensuring that everything goes well and everyone’s expectations are met!

We are staffed by a family-like network of experienced agents, who maintain an organised channel of communication with you, your real estate agent, and your bank. When buying property the settlement process is the last stage in obtaining it, and the most important, since it is the process that legalises the transaction and officially transfers the titles from the previous owner to the buyer. The Department of Commerce advises against handling the settlement on your own unless you are a licensed lawyer, and instead channels it through a settlement agency. And if you do care about who’s buying your property or that the home you’re eyeing is free of mortgages, you’ll obviously pick one of the best agencies in the state— us! 

Perth Settlement Agents understands what it means to have a home of your own, although we’ve also overseen the transfer of heritage houses and commercial property to new owners with satisfied results from both buyer and seller. Our duties include going through all the clauses in the offer and acceptance, making sure those clauses are met, ensuring the property is free of mortgage when you buy it, ensure that you have enough finances to complete the transaction, and that the proper documents are signed by all the right people. 

There is also a strict convention to how contracts are written and how the details and specifics given therein are presented, and we make sure to cover all the bases before letting you go through with the settlement. You don’t have to worry about a thing— we’ll act on your behalf to go through every minute detail so that you get exactly what you came for with no speed bumps in the process.