First Home Buyers

This is a guide that we’re sure will come in handy for anyone looking to buy their first home! Whatever stage you are in life, we’re pretty sure that settling your own first property is a big thing, and we’re certain you want everything to be absolutely perfect. So do we.  

Settling a property is not the last stage in buying it, and the most important too. Acting through an experienced agent is much better and more efficient than trying to handle it on your own. 

We will help you through every step of the settlement process— in fact, you can simply sit back and trust us to run around for you. But you’ll definitely have to be there to sign contracts and acceptance forms. 

After receiving the initial contract and being accepted by the owner, your agent— one of our devoted, experienced staff— will then commence the settlement process on your behalf. To allow them to do this you will need to give us a signed Authority to Act form, allowing us to handle the process for you.

This process includes making sure all the clauses are met, prepare all the required documents including Transfer of Land and Identification of Title (which ensures that the right property is being transferred to you, because who wants to go through all that trouble only to drive up to the wrong property?) and get back to you on rates, conditions, restrictions placed by the buyer, our prices for our services and so forth. Once all the right taxes and rates are paid, we will finalise the settlement and hand over all the right documents— then call you up to tell you the deed’s been done and set a date for you to move in!

All in all, it’s a seamless way of purchasing your first time property, and if you’ve never done it before, what better way to get started than with us?