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Affordable Conveyancing Fees

If you’re looking for a trusted conveyancer Perth agent? Then stop! We at Perth Settlement Agents have been helping people form both North and South of the River suburbs. As far north as Yanchep and as far south as Mandurah. With affordable conveyancing fees, you won’t be breaking the bank.


What is Conveyancing?

In simple terms, conveyancing is a subset of the law pertaining to the legal transferring of a property ownership from the original owner or entity to the new one. It include the preparation of any legal documents required for the process to occur.

Is a Conveyancer a Settlement Agent?

The conveyancing process can be handled by either a licensed settlement agent or a solicitor. You might be asking what is the difference between a licensed agent and a solicitor? The main difference that set them apart is a solicitor normally practice all areas of law.

How Much Does a Settlement Agent Cost?

Conveyancing costs depend on whether you are a buyer or a seller. At Perth Settlement Agents, we are upfront about our costs and guarantee that there are no hidden charges or fees. When you consider the fact that we will handle your settlement process from start to finish, our affordable conveyancing fees is value for money!