Commercial Settlements

So you want to purchase a commercial property? This is a big decision and a long process, but don’t worry— choosing Perth Settlement Agents will instantly make it that much easier and quicker for you!
Settling commercial property is generally more complicated than purchasing an ordinary residential property. You’ll fall under the Strata Act, which means a lot more conditions have to be met by both buyer and seller.
When buying property the settlement process is the last stage in obtaining it, and the most important, since it is the process that legalises the transaction and officially transfers the titles from the previous owner to the buyer. When purchasing commercial property, that means your agent— us— will go through all the statements and agreements for you to ensure that the property exchanges owners smoothly. In a matter of weeks, we’ll have handled all the necessary arrangements swiftly and legally so that your property becomes ready for tenants or users. Whether you need somewhere to operate your small business from, or are looking to rent out the space ASAP to earn a little extra cash, we’ll have made sure that the entire process is successfully transacted and legalised.