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Ready to buy or sell your property! Then let’s get started! You can contact us by calling us directly on (08) 6244 4245 or fill in the form on this page. After you get in touch with our staff and schedule an initial meeting, we’ll take a look at all the right documents and handle everything for you. You’ll only have to wait for our calls keeping you up to date on where we’re at in the process, be present to sign documents and make the final transaction and finally, arrive at the new property you’ve just purchased. We will handle everything else— and we’ll do it in the smoothest, fast, most efficient way possible.  

Call us on landline to have a quick chat or make inquiries. Shoot us an email for a more detailed discussion. Although it’s not entirely necessary, we do recommend dropping by the office to initiate your settlement process. That way we can get a proper look at any legal documents and make sure your finances are in order. We’ll establish a seamless network of communication between the client, you, your bank and your real estate agent, with minimal fuss and all the sharp precision of a SWAT team. 
Our process is dedicated to leaving no detail left out. Safe, legal and fast, you can surely count on Perth Settlement Agents whether you’re buying or selling property. We will help you close the deal with competitive price and satisfaction guaranteed for both parties in the arrangement. Call or email us now to establish a connection and prepare for the best settlement deal in the state!