With so many different settlement agencies in Perth and other states across Australia, it can be a challenge to find the right one for you! But don’t worry, being a locally owned and operated company means that you don’t have to look any further. That is why we are the preferred settlement agents in Perth and the greater Western Australia.

With more than ten years experience under our belt, you can be rest assured that you’re being well looked after. Everything we do is done in your best interest.  Although smaller than most settlement companies, it is our family-like size that actually makes us different from all the rest. Size doesn’t matter. so long as we have settlement agents with a lot of heart and real-estate savvy.

Perth Settlement Agents have helped clients in Perth and all over the state find the home or property they’re looking for, from first-time home buyers to commercial customers seeking to establish a space where their company or business can grow. Over the years we have evolved into a highly competent service that always puts our customers first, no matter what. 

Our people are dedicated, efficient, friendly, highly meticulous and on top of the whole process from start to finish. We work directly with your real estate agent and with you to ensure every detail is attended to. When it comes to precision, we act like clockwork— but we’re not all gears and bolts, we’re passion and enthusiasm too. We get just as excited as you do to settle a deal on new property! 

With a wide range of agents and lawyers under our umbrella, there’s undoubtedly a member of Perth Settlement Agents who can work well with you so you don’t have to carry out the settlement on your own. In fact, the Department of Commerce has recommended that reliable practicing lawyers or established settlement agencies only carry out such procedures. Well, for the best in the business, look no more: call us today to get started!