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Looking for an honest and reliable settlement agent in Perth? Look no further, Charthill Legal settlement agents is here to take the headache for buying/selling properties. We specialise in both residential and commercial conveyancing needs.

Going through a property settlement process is a long and detailed process that one simply cannot do alone. In fact, the Department of Commerce highly recommends against it! Instead, they promote settlement agencies or property lawyers to handle all the nitty gritty stuff for homeowners both old and new. That’s where we come in: if you’re looking for a friendly, efficient, fast and reliable service that covers all the bases, leaves no detail unchecked and treats you like family, we are perfect for all your needs! With a small corporate setting and years of experience in real estate, we are agents that you can work closely with on all aspects of the settlement process. And we never overcharge. So you get every cent’s worth of what you pay when you contract us, and we guarantee only the best service for you! 

Getting in touch with us is easy.  Simply call us on (08) 6244 4245 or visit our contact page for more details. With experienced property lawyer at your disposal. We will work with your real estate agent and other professionals as required to make sure the whole process goes smoothly with minimum setbacks.

If this is your first time purchasing a property and having to make a settlement or you’re simply not sure where to start. We hear you! Perth Settlement Agents (WA) have helped many West Australians make their dream come true and ease the pain by doing all the paperwork for you. We are a specialist when it comes to assisting first home owners jump over the paperwork hurdle.  Give us a call or fill in the free quote form and one of our friendly staff will get in touch with you as soon as possible. So whether this is your very first time or your tenth property purchase, we’re here to help!

We don’t just cater for buyers, but we also specialise in all conveyancing matters for selling residential and commercial properties. We take the guess work out and help you with all the necessary paperwork on your behalf. Perth Settlement Agents (WA) will be with you to the very end of the process, including any post-settlement requirements. 

On our website you’ll find a number of pages to give you a little more information on our services to help you get started with your settlement process. Our contact page will put you in touch with our friendly staff, who are available to answer enquiries all week long. Over on the ‘About’ page you’ll find out more about our company history and what sets Perth Settlement Agents (WA) apart from other similar services. We have different procedures; staff, prices and requirements for residential and commercial properties, and you can get info on both by checking out ‘Residential Settlements’ and ‘Commercial Settlements.’ These provide a general description of the difference between the two and what you can expect going into the settlement process.  

We work efficiently both ways, whether you are purchasing property or selling it, and in both cases we work closely with you to make sure your finances are adequate and you have all the proper documents. We pride ourselves on precise planning and efficient strategy, and almost always manage to settle for clients making both buyer and seller satisfied. If you’re the one selling your property, we provide smooth service to organise all potential buyers’ information and finances for you, quickly and flawlessly choosing the most ideal candidate. All you need to do is check back with us once in a while or wait for our calls. We’re a highly recommended service within the state, operating out of a small and easy-to-reach office with a family atmosphere and unlimited availability, and we have helped homeowners na home buyers all over Perth get exactly what they want.  

If you are a buyer and are about to make an important transaction on the property of your choice, don’t be hasty; call us first! With military precision and maximum efficiency we’ll help you through the process so you don’t regret anything later. We will help you understand, meet and fulfill all the clauses laid out by the seller on their offer form; ensure that you have sufficient finances to finish the transaction; double-check the property to see that it is free of mortgage and basically run around with documents making sure they’re legal, signed by the right people and ready for transfer of land with no hitches or glitches! In next to no time and absolute minimal worry you’ll have the property you’ve been dreaming of. And never worry about meeting with your seller’s lawyers or showing them the right documents; we’ll take care of that for you so almost the only thing you do is make the exchange of money and drive right up to your are property—all deeds and titles in your name. 

If you’re a seller, we take extra care that your property exchanges hands in a smooth, legal, efficient and effortless manner, with only a few weeks in between the beginning of the process to the end. We’re a service that cares about your property just as much as you do and we make sure that everything goes over well. We will help you discharge mortgage and finalise settlement; make sure your client has all their finances in order for the transaction; go over your offer and acceptance to make sure you’ve left nothing out and contact your bank to alert them of the transaction. This is a big deal, and nobody knows it like us! That’s why we’re willing to go above and beyond to make sure the process remains legal and your property, well cared-for. 

From apartment buildings to holiday houses to suburban homes and office spaces, we’ve had experience with just about any type of property there is. So if you need help with your settlement when buying or selling a property – contact us today!

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